Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Welcome to the January 27th club. In this club we have:
GE Smith,
Alan Cumming,
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
Lewis Carroll,
Bridget Fonda,
Frank Miller,
John Witherspoon, and me with no pants on with roller skates.
At the party there will be roller skates, disco, a kiddie pool, karaoke, a chuck norris cake, and lots of cartoon jugs of booze.

Lemme just say that having the same birthday as John Witherspoon (mah fantasy father) sends me to the moon!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Big Bang Theory

Wow can I just say that this is a very well dressed cast? The Big Bang Theory comes on Monday nights on CBS, and its about 4 nerds and a hot ditzy blonde. Yeah I wasn't really interested when I first heard about it either, but after watching a couple episodes I'm able to conclude that I am quite jealous of how these guys get to dress!
Johnny Glaecki plays Leonard. He's always seen in some thick black rimmed glasses, mostly earth tones with tshirts layered with hoodies, layered with army jackets.
Jim Parsons plays Sheldon and he's my favorite. He's always in bright graphic tees with cool images like dinosaurs or the SMPTE color bars. Usually layered with another long sleeved tee underneath. Always in hyper colors.
Simon Helburg plays Howard who looks like he just stepped out of the 70s. Lots of bright colored turtlenecks under the same colored shirt with matching pants and an awesome embroidered belt.
Kunal Nayyar plays Raj. Bright track jackets and sweatervests and bright tees.
I suppose I should mention Kaley Cuoco who plays Penny...she dresses like a normal girl who plays someone trying to become an actress...nothing really wows me...but I guess that would be the biggest compliment to the costume designer. I was once told "When people don't notice anything about the character you've dressed, then you've done your job. That means you've made the character into a human being." Well done. Does that mean not so well done on the 4 nerds then? Because those nerds dress way too hip to be real nerds. Man Hollywood nerds are way too glamorized...still thats a really good looking cast. Just sayin'.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Helping Haiti

This doesn't really have anything to do with style but I feel that with what's happened, its necessary to do all we can, whenever wherever.  I helped a fellow stylist put together a charity event to benefit our Haitian brothers and sisters.  It was super last minute.  Like everything had to come together within a couple of days to be ready by yesterday.  It was at a bar with silent auction for donated art pieces.
I'm pleased to say that with the given situation, we were able to raise about $5000! Ten of my photos got purchased!  One of them even sold for 5x more than the starting bid!  This is monumental b/c my art was part of the monetary contribution, but also b/c this was the first time I had shown my artwork publicly in New York.  
Thank you to everyone who came out to support us, and more importantly support Haiti by bidding and making donations.  There will be an ongoing art auction on facebook as Haiti's need for aid will be ongoing. 

Happy MLK day!  

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Best Lil Black Dress

The dress of my dreams has been designed!!  I'm only a little bitter for not having designed it myself.  No more corsets or girdles or other unattractive/uncomfortable contraptions that suck in the gut.  This dress takes an inch and a half off the waist!  No lumps or bumps...a smooth finish to a beautifully disguised silhouette.  More here:
In the immortal words of Lance's wife, "Ah won't thayat!"

Delayed Post

Like the title says, this post is indeed delayed.  Imagine sitting in the subway and noticing someone at the stop standing with no pants on.  One would think this was just another typical day in the NYC but it was like 20 degrees.  Now imagine shrugging that off and then noticing a few people in the actual subway car removing their pants as well.  Color me confused. There were thin people, fat people, old people, young people, all kinds of people just droppin' trou like it was nothing.  No one knew each other.  Those few people turned into a lot more the point where those who were clothed were getting outnumbered.  There was this middle aged asian lady next to me listening to her ipod and I made the "Are you seeing what's happening right now?" face with my eyes.  She just rolled hers right back.  Five minutes later she took off her pants too!
Come to find out, it was all a part of some wacky annual improv event.  No true purpose.  Just riding the train w/o your pants.  If you're asked why, you're only supposed to reply "Oh I just forgot my pants" or "I lost my pants".  Priiiiight...
Honestly, I'm just posting this now, so that when it happens again next year, I'll remember its an annual thing and not some weird hostile take over.  PS-there were hundreds of folks with no pants on and not a single person had on cute underwear.  C'mon if you're gonna participate in an event where everyone's gonna see yo draws, you should be sportin' some beautiful and luxurious silks!

This image was borrowed from flickr...I'm pervy but I'm not THAT pervy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Harem, Scare 'Em

OMG I can only pray and hope that the fashion gods do not smite me for saying this.  Why hast Thou forsaketh mine eyes with these atrocious garments known as The Harem Pants?

My first altercation with these so-called pants was in 2008.  I was dressing a competitive dance show for the UK and the “dance-off” genre was Hip Hop.  A couple of the girls demanded that they be allowed to wear these things because “they felt invincible in these pants”…hmm if by invincible they meant just like MC Hammer, they should reconsider because we all know that his career as a performer was not so invincible.  Needless to say, the girls got their way and a year later, the trend made itself known in the states.

Let me just say this:  I think these pants look better on men.  Its more flattering.  The saggy crotch can create the illusion of a bigger package, AND create the illusion of wearing a skirt (ala Marc Jacobs yum!) without actually wearing one.  Gentlemen, I advise you to go all out if you want to wear these pants.  Don’t limit yourself to black or charcoal.  Get those bright metallic colors and bring the whole era back!

On the female body however, the harem pants accentuate the wrong parts of the body.  We’re given “mom butt”, a shapeless, flat, square rear end and our thighs look as if they belong to the body of a Biggest Loser contestant.  Don’t even get me started on the crotch.  Three words: saggy & stretched out.  ‘Nuff said.

I do own a pair.  I won’t lie.  They feel great against my skin.  Don’t skimp on quality.  Anything below $60 will pill and cling and all the other horrible things cheap jersey cotton will do.  I will never wear these in public or wear them to get a date, not even to fulfill some sexy harem fantasy.  Private pants for private occasions when I feel like rocking out to old hits from MC Hammer.