Monday, January 25, 2010

The Big Bang Theory

Wow can I just say that this is a very well dressed cast? The Big Bang Theory comes on Monday nights on CBS, and its about 4 nerds and a hot ditzy blonde. Yeah I wasn't really interested when I first heard about it either, but after watching a couple episodes I'm able to conclude that I am quite jealous of how these guys get to dress!
Johnny Glaecki plays Leonard. He's always seen in some thick black rimmed glasses, mostly earth tones with tshirts layered with hoodies, layered with army jackets.
Jim Parsons plays Sheldon and he's my favorite. He's always in bright graphic tees with cool images like dinosaurs or the SMPTE color bars. Usually layered with another long sleeved tee underneath. Always in hyper colors.
Simon Helburg plays Howard who looks like he just stepped out of the 70s. Lots of bright colored turtlenecks under the same colored shirt with matching pants and an awesome embroidered belt.
Kunal Nayyar plays Raj. Bright track jackets and sweatervests and bright tees.
I suppose I should mention Kaley Cuoco who plays Penny...she dresses like a normal girl who plays someone trying to become an actress...nothing really wows me...but I guess that would be the biggest compliment to the costume designer. I was once told "When people don't notice anything about the character you've dressed, then you've done your job. That means you've made the character into a human being." Well done. Does that mean not so well done on the 4 nerds then? Because those nerds dress way too hip to be real nerds. Man Hollywood nerds are way too glamorized...still thats a really good looking cast. Just sayin'.


  1. I LOVE that show! I don't get to watch it much because the family's always here on Monday nights. We have kids at school that are so gonna turn out like that when they grow up! I agree...good costuming. :)

  2. tony and i love that show. waiting for their new season... =p