Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Delayed Post

Like the title says, this post is indeed delayed.  Imagine sitting in the subway and noticing someone at the stop standing with no pants on.  One would think this was just another typical day in the NYC but it was like 20 degrees.  Now imagine shrugging that off and then noticing a few people in the actual subway car removing their pants as well.  Color me confused. There were thin people, fat people, old people, young people, all kinds of people just droppin' trou like it was nothing.  No one knew each other.  Those few people turned into a lot more the point where those who were clothed were getting outnumbered.  There was this middle aged asian lady next to me listening to her ipod and I made the "Are you seeing what's happening right now?" face with my eyes.  She just rolled hers right back.  Five minutes later she took off her pants too!
Come to find out, it was all a part of some wacky annual improv event.  No true purpose.  Just riding the train w/o your pants.  If you're asked why, you're only supposed to reply "Oh I just forgot my pants" or "I lost my pants".  Priiiiight...
Honestly, I'm just posting this now, so that when it happens again next year, I'll remember its an annual thing and not some weird hostile take over.  PS-there were hundreds of folks with no pants on and not a single person had on cute underwear.  C'mon if you're gonna participate in an event where everyone's gonna see yo draws, you should be sportin' some beautiful and luxurious silks!

This image was borrowed from flickr...I'm pervy but I'm not THAT pervy!

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