Friday, February 19, 2010

The Thrill of Twill

Non-union 18 hour days are for the birds. My body isn't what it used to be. I can't believe I've needed this entire day to recuperate. Yesterday's gig wasn't for wardrobe though. No, it was a trip back to my old life which was in the props department. It was a nice reminder as to why I chose to leave that career and pursue this one. The photographer was a total cunt. Thanks to my iPod and deep comedic sarcasm, I was able to keep the rest of the crew in good spirits. *Note to all of you who work on photo shoots (w/o video component), the "Oldies" playlist NEVER fails to keep the entire crew happy [enough].
Our work will be in the April or May issue of Twill magazine. I know...I've never heard of it either. Hahahaha I'll post tear sheets if I ever get them!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seinfeld Quote

When the Seinfeld show was in its prime, I was a huge fan. Back then it was so witty and smart, yet so ridiculous. I'm not here to "deepen" the teachings of Seinfeld though. I just wanted to share this awesome quote Jerry had regarding fashion:

"I hate clothes, okay? I hate buying them. I hate picking them out of my closet. I can't stand every day trying to come up with little outfits for myself. I think eventually fashion won't even exist. It won't. I think eventually we'll all be wearing the same thing. 'Cause anytime I see a movie or a TV show where there's people from the future of another planet, they're all wearing the same thing. Somehow they decided 'This is going to be our outfit. One-piece silver jumpsuit, V-stripe, and boots. That's it.' We should come up for an outfit for earth. An earth outfit. We should vote on it. Candidates propose different outfits, no speeches. They walk out, twirl, walk off. We just sit in the audience and go, 'That was nice. I could wear that.'"

-from Season 2, the Jacket Episode

Well said, Mr. Seinfeld.
Of course I'm not really surprised...this coming from a guy who dissed the puffy pirate shirt. He's such a hater! I loved that shirt!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The World Has Lost a Genius

This is so sad.
Today, Lee McQueen, founder/designer of the Alexander McQueen brand was found dead at his home. McQueen was only 40 years old and apparently committed suicide. The devastating news follows the passing of his mother last week and just three years after his good friend Isabella Blow committed suicide. There are only a handful of members of the fashion industry who truly inspire me, and McQueen was definitely one of them. May his legacy live on.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Last Friday I shopped for an event I styled this evening. The budget was microscopic. But the client was clear that they needed white headphones on these people and seeing as those things cost <$90, I ended up doing the next best(?) thing. I went to Chinatown and bought some for $10 AND spray painted them white over the weekend. I can't believe I ever huffed that stuff as a teen. What an idiot! My home still smells funky and my face still hurts. ****If you ever need to spray paint anything plastic, do not get conned into buying special spray paint that bonds to plastic. It does not bond and leaves a disgusting finish. In fact it leaves residue everywhere and its super sticky.***Luckily I was able to sweet talk everyone into wearing them but still beware...
*I have to wait to retrieve photos of the people I dressed from the press photographer. You know how that goes. I'll be lucky if I get them at all.*
Anyways, there were some interesting folks at the event tonight:
Nick Cannon-all I could keep replaying in my head was "Leave me & mah new daddy alone!" from Chappelle's Show....ah pure comic gold.
Kim Stolz-quite possibly one of the hottest America's Next Top Model contestants ever
Quest Crew-I've worked with these guys several times before they hit fame on ABDC and its so great to see them reaching such great heights
Sway-I have dreams where he lets down his dreads for me (;
Usher-he performed...IN HAREM PANTS. He looked like a cheap MC Hammer imitation.
Pete Wentz-he got fat...and stupider.
DJ Cassidy spinned tonight and his demands were: apple juice, skittles, nerds and airheads. That man's teeth are going to rot out.
There were some cast member of the Real World/Road Rules and the Hills and some other people I don't really care to remember.
Last but not least there was the cast of Jersey Shore. I got asked to stick around and be one of the photographers to shoot folks with the cast. Of course I jumped at the chance! I was finally going to have a moment with my crush The Situation! He ended up being late but that's okay. PaulyD ended up pointing his beady little eyes at mines and I think my feelings have now shifted. Hahahahaha. The girls are pretty terrible. JWoww has no business being a bitch....her fatass couldn't even zip her dress all the way up AND it was ripping. NOT ATTRACTIVE. Noticeably missing was Snooki's Bump-It. What night w/ the Jersey Shore cast would be complete without a fight? 2 grown women got in a huge brawl--hair pulling and drink throwing, with a boyfriend (who was SO angry his eyes were actually crossed) getting escorted out...these people were executives...classy ones.

Monday, February 1, 2010

quick Grammy thoughts

the Grammys are weird. Taylor Swift + Fleetwood Mac? no thank you. lets keep 'em separate.
wyclef annoys me. always has, always will.
john legend looks 12 w/ that haircut and should always have facial hair.
w/ the exception of some, i prefer Grammy dresses to be SHORT, and hair worn down or loose.
i liked whatever MJ's kids were wearing.
the black eyed peas would be great if fergie and didn't exist.
i don't like being able to see Lady Gaga's eyebrows and forehead. kinda scares me.