Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wow, W.O.W!

We're in the review! I'm actually mentioned by name and everything...weird and exciting at the same time. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us! Oh and thank you for the compliments on my costumes. Photos coming soon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

For the Actor/Actress in Your Life

So someone in your life wants to get into acting...uh huh that's always good.
Be sure to show them this blog and maybe they'll come to their senses. J/K...a little. Seriously though, the following is a checklist of things actors/actress should have in their closets.

1. Wedding bands: gold AND silver
They don't have to be the real can get these out of the quarter machine at the grocery store.
2. Jeans: the fancy kind AND the lounge kind
We all know its hard to find a pair of jeans that look and feel JUST RIGHT. Options, people. Options.
3. Men: You must have some suits!
Its just like my argument with jeans.
4. Ladies: NUDE UNDERGARMENTS! Extra brownie points if you also have Strapless & Spanx!
5. Men: You'd better own more than one type of underwear...briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, manthongs...i mean it!
6. Nice solids--as in NO patterns, logos or plaids, and make sure they're trendy.
7. Glasses: a hip pair and a really ugly pair; nothing too over the top--make sure they are anti-glare
8. Belts! Men: black, brown, canvas, white, etc. Women: thin ones and chunky ones
9. Men: make sure you have some dress shirts--especially if you have irregular sleeve/neck sizes
10. HONESTY. When you lie about your size, you're not just lying to me. You're lying to the entire production, which sets everyone back. Don't be self conscious, b/c in this industry that equals selfishness. I had a woman tell me she was a size real life she was a size 12. I had shopped over $3,000 worth of size 8 merchandise for a commercial, only to have a very irritated director, producer and clients because the talent couldn't fit into anything.
11. Any sort of unique piece is always good to bring to a fitting as long as it goes with the palette/period.

So you're probably asking yourself: "Um why should I have to provide everything in the list above? You're the effing wardrobe stylist/designer...isn't it your job to have all that?"
Its my job to provide what the director envisions the talent to be wearing. Its the talent's job to already own staples in their own personal wardrobe that fit and have been molded for their particular body type. I can't fit you for a ring or underwear and it takes a while to dye and/or age garments. A lot of times, directors prefer the worn in look. Keep that in mind before you decide to argue this list.

Just remember I'm trying to help!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Side Hustle

I think a while back I mentioned being commissioned to make a bunch of Star Wars costumes for some kids...15 to be exact...which then turned into an additional 2 adult costumes. Anyways, my client was quite pleased and sent me this lovely video from "The Battle". Enjoy!
PS-If you want custom made gear for your kids, hit me up!