Thursday, August 26, 2010


I got up at 4:30am on Monday to go to Connecticut for an underwater shoot.
Members of the New York City Ballet were being photographed in high fashion couture while moving underwater.
I swear I'm not that fat. I had to wear a huge weight to keep myself underwater so I could pull the material down.
It rained all day and the photographer wasn't very nice...actually his wife was afraid I was going to pee in the pool. She totally singled me out. Just for that I should've peed in the pool.
Anyways, here's a preview.

Workin' On the Railroad...

My dear sweet blog,
I'm so sorry I have neglected you. I got busy for a second. This industry is getting bad. I did a job for a major TV network and the pay was insulting. It was quite unorganized but the director was pretty cool. We talked about the Goonies a lot. The designer was a bit of an idiot. I think a memorable quote was maintained from one of the days we were talking about the type of work we were involved in. I was honest and said that I don't have an interest in fashion, but rather I want to dress projects that depend on building a character. It gives me a chance to be creative. She replied, "Oh wow. I haven't been trained to be creative so I just stick to what I know" and what pray tell is that?!
Anyways, I worked with some interesting talent. One was very sweet and flirted a bit, but was a jerk to his fans. One was just an all around fact I don't think anybody really liked him. One was all about getting to know my department, but was very "L.A.". And finally, one was an attention hog...claimed to have been a cheerleader in high school who made fun of people like me. Yeah...she was a huge disappointment. Ah well...that's why the person she was mean to on another show is on an award winning series, and well she's just barely getting by.
I'm not bitter...but seriously who says that to someone dressing them?! "oh yeah...I definitely would've made fun of you in high school"...okay thanks for that since I was probably a wee one still sucking at the teet while you were off being a jerk.