Thursday, August 26, 2010


I got up at 4:30am on Monday to go to Connecticut for an underwater shoot.
Members of the New York City Ballet were being photographed in high fashion couture while moving underwater.
I swear I'm not that fat. I had to wear a huge weight to keep myself underwater so I could pull the material down.
It rained all day and the photographer wasn't very nice...actually his wife was afraid I was going to pee in the pool. She totally singled me out. Just for that I should've peed in the pool.
Anyways, here's a preview.


  1. this is my dream. I want to photograph underwater so bad..

  2. i hate it when peop aren't so nice at work...

  3. This is gorgeous, Christina. Kudos to you for working underwater - especially with someone who pegged you as a troublemaker.