Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ahhh Christmas Sweaters Won't Leave Me Alone!

So, this past week I helped dress a commercial for Boston Market (previously known as Boston Chicken). They are promoting turkey for the holidays. Hooray...ish.
We shopped and shopped and shopped, only to be told later that the client all of a sudden wanted Norwegian Holiday sweaters. This is why I hate dressing commercials. Great money, and its for a week max, but there's always some extremely unattractive but super wealthy bitter idiot in the client group who wants to flex their balls.
We were already shooting so I basically had to go out and find as many as I could and be back in under 3 hours.
The kicker: I had to send pictures of myself wearing said sweaters so that the client could pick out the best one.
I ended up getting kicked out of several vintage stores, since they don't allow photos. $350 later, I walked in itchy as hell and presented the sweaters to a group of unimpressed individuals who later decided not to go for a sweater after all.
How cute.

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