Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"That's so c*nt!"

Quick....what hot mess eats 4 lunches a day and goes around saying "OMG that's so cunt," and "Make me look cunt"? Um this one:

This is one MEAN woman. I helped dress her for Fashion Week. I had to drive to Russell Simmons's house every morning (which is in NJ) just to get her dressed in clothes brought in from the city. Um in case you're not understanding the math here, Fashion Week is IN THE CITY. At the Zac Posen show, she suddenly had a craving for a gyro and all the poor PAs were scrambling to get it to her. Well it turns out 2 minutes isn't fast enough and the PA who brought it to her was fired.
This lady has a daily grocery demand of 200 items roughly totaling to $1000. Some of the items include:
Christmas Napkins
Paper Plates
Plastic Cutlery
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Tide Detergent
Truvia (she was on a Splenda kick, but now she's converted)
Cashew Chews

I don't remember the rest, but if you think about it, they shoot the show for like 3 months or something and she demands all that stuff EVERYDAY. If one item is missing she goes ballistic. She probably knows her career is almost over especially since she just got fired from Baby Phat. She's known to fire people who are prettier than her, and its already happened. It wasn't me though--even though I'm way hotter than her LOL.
The key stylist has to try on all the clothes, take pictures of herself in them, and then either email the photos or give the camera phone to Kimora's assistant, who then shows them to Kimora and lets her pick. I am not joking. Her kids order $100 worth of sushi for a SNACK. Not lunch, or dinner but a SNACK--and most of it gets thrown out.
Her entourage gave me my 3pm calltime at 1:30am, then called me while I was asleep at 7am to come in 7 hours earlier than expected because Kimora felt like it.
Thankfully Fashion Week is now over and I no longer have to drive to Russell's house because one more day of that garbage and I would've shat on their floor.

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  1. OH NO that's CRAZY...I already thought her style and career were over yrs ago !!!

    - O