Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Bitter Old Queen

So last week I had the displeasure of working with a first timer, who I will now refer to as "The Idiot". She was absolutely hideous to me and to top things off, she was younger than me (this is valid since I'm under 30). The Idiot's motto for me for the entire shoot was "Um well this is my first gig ever, so you do it". It was for a large campaign and I am still dumbfounded as to how she landed that gig. This was my second time assisting a newbie and then it hit me: Production Companies are hiring girls fresh out of Fashion School for a lower rate and smaller budgets. This cannot continue. They're taking our key union gigs! Look, I'm all for progression in the field and young people being given opportunities, but there's an order to it all. Paying dues, interning, assisting, etc.
This doesn't just go for my department. SAG actors are dealing with this as well. Just because you have a pretty face doesn't mean you deserve roles/jobs meant for those who have worked so hard to get here.
My costume stock dressed the majority of the talent and I was never recognized or even thanked for that. Instead, the director praised The Idiot for her"genius".
I know you're sensing envy and bitterness but the truth of the matter is, if you can't fill out a timecard correctly, and you don't know what strobing and greeking mean, you probably aren't ready to be keying your own jobs yet. You will be at some point, but just not now. GO TRAIN and BE HUMBLE ABOUT IT.

There are 4 things wrong with this timecard...

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