Thursday, November 25, 2010

Got Shingles?

Last week I did a night shoot for a shingles vaccine. Wardrobe was for middle aged regular people. Refreshing. It was fun. I bought tons of chenille sweaters and grandfather vests. In the midst of my travels, I came across this:
Michael Kors, what on earth would possess you to "design" (if you could even call it that) this monstrosity?! Alright I gotta admit, I feel like most of his designs look pretty cheap. But THIS...THIS takes the cake! This piece should be used as part of a fixer upper challenge for Project Runway...and that's putting it nicely

Anyways, the night shoot was entertaining. The client was extremely naive and had some rather interesting demands. For example, the shoot took place in a pharmacy, so we prepped labcoats for pharmacists. A pharmacist labcoat is shortsleeved, half length, and sometimes has a zipfront. The client actually demanded we take a regular doctor labcoat (longsleeved, full length) and shorten it for the pharmacist. Yes, its inaccurate. I have no idea why she wanted it that way. Rumor on set was that it was her first time directing a shoot.
What I'm getting at, is that I'm pretty good at performing little miracles. Check out mah labcoat tailorin' skills below:

And for my next miracle, I had to dress this big guy here. He wasn't difficult at all. I had the perfect piece. A chenille Cosby sweater. Look how happy he looks to be dressed by me!

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