Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sock it to Me!

I judge them all the time. From hairstyles, to eyebrows, teeth, body hair, even down to their shoes, I'm always looking, always judging. Terrible right? Hey, I'm only human...a lady human...who happens to dress folks for a living.
Lately I've found myself gazing at men's socked feet. I'm so tired of athletic white, business black, thermal gray and everything else in the like. Give me some patterns! Guys, you don't have to be afraid to get funky even if you represent the white collar industry. In fact, I think its quite attractive to see a man in a plain solid suit with some electric colored or hip patterned socks peeking out. It makes me wonder what his life is like after hours. Don't give me that whole "this looks too fem" anxiety...a real man is confident sporting anything in every color and every cut.
This is a nice affordable way to change your wardrobe. Its the ideal way for those who want to get a wardrobe makeover at a much slower pace to test if this is in fact "a good change".

As a woman, the only white socks I have are the tubed kind from the 70's-usually worn with roller skates. The rest are all hot pink, checkered, Christmas, etc. They seldom match, and I'm quite happy about that. The rest of me (ankles/knees up) will always blend in with the rest of this world--no matter how hard I strive to be an individual, I've concluded someone is always wearing something breakthrough I think I've created myself. My socks however, are a personal statement, only privileged to those who have gained that right. *wink *wink

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