Friday, December 24, 2010

Stay Cool. Be Warm.

I'm a fan of cold weather. I know. I'm quite the rare breed. What I'm not a fan of, is looking 40 pounds heavier due to excess layering and/or spending hundreds of dollars on like 2 expensive thin layering pieces that don't even work. Enter Uniqlo's Heat Tech.
Totally fashionable AND totally affordable, Uniqlo's Heat Tech collection always draws the crowds every year. They have all kinds of heat generating pieces: Socks, leggings, jeans, short sleeve shirts, spaghetti strap shirts, long sleeve shirts, gloves, scarves, leg warmers, underwear, coats---anything you can imagine. I mean most of it feels thinner than silk and some of that Under Armour stuff, but somehow it keeps me so warm, I practically sweat!
With stylish colors and patterns and nothing costing over $40, I promise you'll be satisfied, insanely warm, and pretty damn stylish.

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