Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Can't Let You Go

What a busy week! I'm in the middle of designing THREE shows...on top of that, I styled a music video for Manika's new single "Just Can't Let You Go", featuring Lil Twist. I was particularly excited to be working with the legendary Travis Payne. In the short time I got to work with him, I have to say he's my new favorite director to work with. He had nothing but positive energy the entire time, was eager to take time and meet each crew member individually, and made sure to thank everyone at least three times on set. He knew exactly what shots he wanted, and expressed a clear vision from the very beginning for what kind of look he was going for.
You can find out why I was so excited and why I consider him a legend, here.
Music Videos are one of the most stressful and miserable sets to work on. The hours are at least 16 hours minimum, with a crappy rate. This one was definitely the exception. I won't get into the financial logisitics, but I will say that the actual shoot was about six hours--A NEW WORLD RECORD!
Both of the performers were very very young and surprisingly sweet, particularly Lil Twist. He actually called me "ma'am". I just hope the fame doesn't warp their semi-innocent but very naive minds.

I got those babies for the shoot from Barney's. They were a specific request and they were practically impossible to find. I think I went to like 8 different stores. Aren't they fab?! They're from John Varvatos for Converse. The shoe is a shiny beat up coated material with studded ankles...only $200!!
I'm gonna take a second to share something one of the production assistants said to me on set. He said, "I'm pretty sure you're my favorite stylist I've ever worked with. Ever."
Me: "For real? Cool. How come?"
He replied, "You treat us like people, I mean please and thank you go a long way. You're not snobby at all, you don't act like you're the hot shit on set, you don't demand that we do everything for you. You're just cool".
Wow. Please and thank you?? I've been around lots of other stylists and designers...and I have to admit I've witnessed plenty of diva-like behavior. If I can leave you with one thing, it is the reminder that EVERY crew member is equally important and deserves the same amount of respect as the director, the keys, and talent. I don't care who you are, you need to always thank who you're working with. Travis Payne is a prime example of that. He was loved and adored by everyone on set and that itself made the whole shoot roll smoothly.

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