Saturday, March 19, 2011

Made Over/Shameless Self Promotion

Yesterday, I gave a wardrobe makeover to a hilarious young man. My client (whom I will refer to as Louie) started out with a 38" waist and an XL/XXL tshirt size. With the help of diet and exercise--NO EATING DISORDERS OR STUPID FASTS AND/OR PILLS, he has successfully shrunken down to a waist size between 34" and 36" and a MEDIUM tshirt size. I am so proud of him, especially for doing it the right way.
Louie is a budding comedian and has been looking to change his look and get healthy. He contacted me and asked how much he would need to get a wardrobe makeover since nothing of his fit anymore. I told him $200 would be enough to start and that I was pretty good at staying on budget.
Let me just say, that with that $200, we got:
-2 pairs of shorts
-5 tshirts
-2 polos
-3 dress shirts
-1 cardigan
-3 day shirts

Everything was brand new, none of it was purchased second hand or via thrift.

I know how to shop. I'm good at giving wardrobe makeovers. I stay on budget. If you need my services, contact me via my website:

Pictures of Louie's Before and After coming soon!

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