Friday, March 25, 2011


I told you I've been busy. LOL. Here's some stuff from the short films I've worked on.
First is the teaser trailer for "Flappy Hands". I Costume Designed and ended up producing as well. Designers and producers generally don't get along...its usually "Hey I'd like to make this look awesome for you so can I get a bigger budget?" "No."
I pretty much had to argue with myself and even hated myself at times. Never again. Just put me in the wardrobe trailer where I belong!

"Flappy Hands" - Teaser Trailer from Flappy Hands on Vimeo.

Next, I was the makeup consultant for a piece that's currently untitled. I generally don't like to do makeup, but I'll do ghoulish things every once in a while:

latex and acrylic.

And finally, I designed costumes for a party scene that later turned into a blood bath. Rather than show you the soiled clothing, I'll just show you one of the "befores". Irma was a very thin, athletic girl. I changed that by putting her in elastic waisted acid wash jeans, horizontal striped tank, and an oversized 80's shirt. To insure that she didn't look like a hipster, I stuffed her pants to give her a gunt.
So sexy.

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