Saturday, April 23, 2011

They're Really Not "All Saints"

I was very excited back when All Saints opened up in SoHo. Their displays alone are pretty incredible. I just did a job where I needed to do some heavy shopping there, and I gotta say I'm very disturbed with what I was told by their visual merchandizer.
Every single sewing machine on their humongous wall-o-Singers is a functioning machine. I guess that's pretty cool. Um but downstairs, they have another wall of miniature ram skulls. As I paid for my merchandise, I casually asked if they were real. The visual merchandizer said that it was funny I asked that. A scientist had just come in asking the same thing and was enraged at the fact that they are real. The rams are considered an endangered species!
I was told further into our conversation that All Saints gets these skulls from poachers. WTF?! The scientist made a a huge enough stink about it, so now if the employees damage the skulls, All Saints no longer orders from the poachers for a new skull. They simply tape them.
Its a shame they have a no refund policy. I had just purchased $3000 worth of merchandise, and hearing that made me want to leave, never come back and never spend any money there ever again.


So this is the guy who sat across from me on the train. Yep...that's a bathrobe he's wearing. It still has the price tag on it. He certainly doesn't look homeless. All I'm saying is, if this is the beginning of a new trend, I'm quittin' the business!