Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

A couple of days ago, I was treated to a screening of Crazy Stupid Love. I had a lot of issues with this movie--plot holes, acting, and definitely the wardrobe, BUT I still really really enjoyed it. I practically adored it. Take note, for that is a rarity.
I only have a right to really jab at the wardrobe, since I'm not really a writer or an actor, so here goes.
Anything with a broken down, vulnerable, damaged Steve Carrell is a go for me, and from the minute we are introduced to his character, Cal, you feel sorry for him. I mean how can you not? His cheating wife is the drop dread gorgeous Julianne Moore. From his tattered white New Balance sneakers to his oversized "dad jeans", Cal is absolutely pathetic. (perfect so far) No wonder she cheated. Later, Cal meets Jacob (Ryan Gosling), whose entire wardrobe looks like tearsheets out of GQ. This is the point in the movie where I am smiling ear to ear. It reminds me why I love what I do. Jacob says to a defensive Cal, " You're sitting there with a SuperCuts haircut and you're wearing a 44 when you should be wearing a 42 regular". He then proceeds to take him shopping and gives him a full on closet makeover. As cheesy as it sounds, I really liked the shopping montage. Cal's makeover looked spectacular. I LOVE taking men shopping and just.....making them better, giving them some long lost confidence.
I started to have wardrobe issues when I realize that this is supposed to be an LA story. Although the movie was shot there, our characters definitely looked like they were living in some New England state. WHO, in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA goes out in a minimum of FOUR layers of clothing?! IN SUMMER/FALL?! The children were dressed like they'd shopped out of a Lands End catalog, as were the rest of the children portrayed in the PUBLIC SCHOOL. Don't get me wrong. Everyone looked incredible, but the minute it was brought to my attention that this was in fact an LA story, the wardrobe immediately took me out of it. Hey, I still really loved the movie, k?

Okay I'm done with my criticisms. Um did you have a chance to see Gosling's bod?! Never really looked at this guy twice before but DAMN. He can get it. HE CAN GET IT!

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