Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Will Always Love...The Bodyguard

So, by order of the Mayor and the Governor, we've been ordered to stay indoors due to Hurricane Irene. That mean bitch. She spoiled everything. Luckily, I've got movies like The Bodyguard to keep me company.

Say what you will about Whitney Houston...poor girl never stood a chance against Bobby Brown and Clive Davis--

and say even more about Kevin Costner...talentless hack...but this movie has an absolutely timeless look.
Ignore the hairstyles and the 90's eyebrows. The wardrobe for this movie is absolutely amazing. Kevin Costner's suits fit his body to a tee; there's no sort of 90's "boxiness" whatsoever. Look at the sweater above. This was released in 1992!

Its very obvious that almost ten years later, a lot of popstars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga have pulled some of their looks from this film. Seriously, if it wasn't for the occasional feathered mullet or overplucked eyebrows, you'd never be able to tell when this movie was supposed to be set. That's the mark of a great Costume Designer.

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