Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Well I Just Met Someone Awesome

My apologies for not updating this regularly. I've been traveling to random cities for a tv show I'm dressing. Once we're done traveling, I'll post some photos and stories. I just couldn't wait to share this one though. I'm quite humbled.
Ansil Saunders lives on Bimini, and is a top custom builder in the Bahamas. He has been a fishing guide for Richard Nixon, and many other well known sports. As a child he knew Earnest Hemmingway, and has a wonderful island outlook. He currently resides in Alice Town, Bimini where he continues to fish and builds amazing handcrafted boats.
On November 15, 2011, US Ambassador to The Bahamas, Her Excellency Nicole A. Avant presented a plaque and a signed book to Ansil Saunders in recognition of his outstanding contributions in keeping Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy alive in The Bahamas.
Mr. Saunders told Ambassador Avant that he first met Dr. King in 1964 when he traveled to Bimini in search of a peaceful and serene writing environment. Mr. Saunders knew the perfect place and took Dr. King deep into the mangroves to a spot called “Bonefish Hole” where Dr. King wrote portions of his famous Nobel Prize acceptance speech. Dr. King returned to Bimini in 1968 where he wrote portions of his Sanitation Workers speech while on Mr. Saunders’ boat.
Since Dr. King’s death, Mr. Saunders has shared his conversations with the civil rights leader with visitors to Bimini as well as with local and international media outlets, including National Public Radio. Plaques marking local sites visited by Dr. King are found throughout Alice Town, Bimini, including the location of a barbershop frequented by Dr. King and the cottage where he stayed during his visits. The local museum also has Dr. King’s disembarkation card with his original signature proudly on display.
He built that boat with his bare hands!

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