Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Grey Poupon?

Yes I know I keep making empty promises to you guys about more frequent updates. I'm sorry. I'm just working on all these gigs! Wait....I'm working so you know what? No. I'm not sorry. I'm succeeding. Hahahahahaha.
Let's take a second to talk about mustard. It is the new black, not only in fashion but also in the culinary world. A colleague of mine works for The Food Network (what a dream job!!), and she turned me onto their blog. Behold the awesomeness of mustard:

"Mustard in its many forms — from condiment to vegetable, spice to cooking oil — is about to get its moment. Heat is hot, and this multifarious member of the cabbage family represents a vast, underexplored source of culinary heat. Look for sharp, peppery Indian mustard oil, spicy-salty Sichuanese pickled mustard greens and pungent-sweet Italian fruit mustards. We’re all about to learn that this genuinely global ingredient is much more than a hot dog condiment.

In 2012, condiment mustard will be made from scratch (it’s so easy) by more home cooks and chefs, mustard seeds will be pickled and scattered over all things rich and porky; mustard oil will move beyond Indian (and Korean and Chinese) kitchens, becoming a common cooking and seasoning oil (it makes a great salad dressing); and the greens, so healthy and so long neglected, will be next year’s kale."

Drawing inspiration from the foodies, I can honestly say mustard is definitely having its moment in fashion. I feel like the last time it truly was explored this way was around the 60's/70's. I myself have hesitated often when presented with mustard as a color option. I feel like it doesn't serve my beautiful complexion very well and that it makes me look rather sick. I am eating my words like I'm eating a veggie sammich oozing with--yep you guessed it: mustard.
There is a way to really maximize on this tricky color. If you're nervous about trending up, while its still a hot color, I suggest using it like it is used in food--as a condiment. Start with a splash of it as an accessory, on a scarf or a hat. It pairs well with charcoal, black or even dark brown. If using it in a larger portion, I'm a huge fan of it being used in the sweater family--cardigans, cowl and crew necks.
This is a photo from a 2011/2012 preview shoot I did last year. Notice how mustard can look retro and sort of timeless.

I've yet to venture into full on mustard territory for my personal wardrobe. I'll do bangles at most. I'm more of a Tobasco sauce gal, myself. I think I'll stick to that vermillion yes you can say I'm passing on the mustard...but hey I've always liked my stuff a lot more spicier than the common man.

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