Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mucho Macchio

I've had the HONOR of working with the lovely Ralph Macchio a few a times now and its time I address how awesome he really is. I adore Ralph Macchio in every way possible. This is not a love letter or some sort of lustful fantasy; he is a happily married man, and a father of two...and while I do find him extremely handsome & attractive, I will be keeping those thoughts to myself and sticking to praising his professionalism. Ralph is what many consider a child star from his Karate Kid fame. Little do we know, he was already in his twenties when that movie was made. Still, he was young and very well could've fallen through the cracks many others in young Hollywood have been prey to. Ralph stayed clean, out of trouble and committed to his family. How often can anyone say that about an actor--or about any man in general?
My experience with Ralph has been most pleasant. He's so down to earth and extremely laid back. Nothing phases him. If anyone deserves a real Betty White-esque comeback, its Mr. Macchio. I want nothing more than for his career to re-skyrocket, and to be shaken off of this whole Karate Kid persona. He's been quite the good sport throughout the years' jokes and its definitely time the nice guy finishes on top. I really hope 2012 reignites something big for this guy. Love you, Ralph!

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