Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Gentleman

Hi there.  Its been a while.  I've been super busy.  Back in January (right around the time we lost Whitney Houston), I lost my home in a fire.  It is now August and I am just now settling into my new home.  I'm still not used to it, but at least I finally have a roof over my head.  Life has been less than kind to me lately, but I am grateful because 5 days of smiling (unrelated to his post) makes up for 8 months of crying.
Enough sad talk.
I've been on quite a few gigs in my absence on here.  I'm just going to catch you up on the most recent one though.
I recently did a big budget job for a commercial.  It was a grueling 2 weeks.  With temperatures in the high 90s and humidity at 100%, tempers flared and patience was tested as we shot exteriors almost the entire time.  I feel like everyone was at each other's throats except for our star: Phil Reeves.
When I first met Phil for his fitting, he felt so familiar to me.  He was very casual as if we'd known each other for years.  Judging from his vibe, I knew we'd get along.
Apparently Phil was a big deal...I mean the dude had his own trailer.  I looked him up and realized why he looked so familiar.  He's been in everything:
He casually spoke about past gigs and joked about set antics with Jim Carrey....I'd just assumed he was an extra or something.  NO.  I've practically grown up watching this guy and never realized it!
I'm so TeamPhil because he was so laid back even when he had to wear a wool jacket and hat in 100 degree weather.  He always had something hilarious to say to break the tension on set and we'd joke about sexy lower back tattoos when I'd come hold his coat between takes.
Phil's comedic timing is UNSTOPPABLE and his sense of humor is beyond ridiculous.  At one point he was sweating so bad, he was begging for his pants to be cut into shorts like Lieutenant Dangle's from Reno 911:
That's the extent of his diva-ness.  When I'd go to his trailer to switch out his wardrobe, I'd find everything neatly folded in a corner and on the table where I could reach it (as opposed to the high shelf).  One time, there was a production assistant trying to figure something out and Phil asked if he could help him find who he was looking for.  When the PA gave him the name, Phil said, "Ah geez I dunno who that is but would you like me to find an AD for you?  I'm sure they'd know" WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?!?!  Phil Fucking Reeves.  That's who.  A real life gentleman. An endangered species.
As I had mentioned before, this was a rather grueling gig.  At the last minute AFTER WRAP, I was told that I needed to go find more shirts for another one of our actors.  It was pouring down rain and Phil got out of the front seat, stood in the rain, and helped me out of the back along with 2 huge bags.  He got completely soaked but was only concerned with when I'd be able to rest.  WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?! Phil Fucking Reeves.  That's who.
We had several more big names on the gig--Eli Manning, Mike Ditka and Joe Gibbs--everyone was very hush hush and oooh ahh about it...except for Phil.  He'd just go up to them and pat them on the back and say "Hey its great to see ya!  Thanks for coming out!"
Conclusion:  Phil Reeves is the MAN for being a GENTLEMAN.  His positive energy is contagious, he's a phenomenal actor and he's just plain hilarious.  Until we meet again, good sir.  High fives, Phil.  THANK YOU.