Monday, October 8, 2012


(postdated from October 4th)
I've sort of been on tour for the past couple of months.  The show's been great because we'd travel to destinations with little or no cell/internet reception.  It was hard to adjust at first, but eventually life just felt normal.  Within those months, we had no idea what was going on in the rest of the world.  No tweets, no news, not even Skype.  We even missed the debates lastnight. 
At one of our layovers, I sat down, put my feet up and attempted to wrap my head around some "world news".  Funny, I didn't realize that whatever Miss Kim Kardashian was wearing had priority over what was going on with our troops or the Pussy Riot situation.  Fine.  I get it.  Actually I don't, but whatever.
  As I sort of glazed over, my eyes and ears perked up at this headline:  "Bullied Teen Nominated As Homecoming Queen As Joke".  17 year old Whitney Kropp said she felt like trash and even thought about committing suicide when hearing about the horrible prank.  I was bullied in school as well, so this hit pretty close to home.  Pretty soon, the airport's many TVs were surrounded by all kinds of people, curious and sympathetic about this teen.  The boy who had been picked for Whitney even withdrew.  Her peers pointed and laughed at her in the hallways.
  Whitney somehow stuck it through.  With the help of her friends, family and even local businesses, Whitney was transformed into a lovely queen.  Students drove hours from other schools, leaving their own homecoming games to come support Queen Whitney.   *I'm unsure if she was actually crowned queen, but she's considered royalty already.

  Let me tell you something about Whitney Kropp, from a stylist's perspective.  She's beautiful to begin with, but in about 3 years, she is going to be one hell of a model--should she choose that type of career.  She's got legs that go for miles, thin arms and a pretty decent neck for photoshoots.  She's got the perfect frame and height for sample sizes and beautiful bold, defined brows that will excite any makeup artist privileged to work with her. 
  Its been hard to finish this post.  I don't blog often, but I usually try to keep it light or funny...this has just been too painful but at the same time a little bit trendy.  I feel like everyone is on this huge anti-bullying kick and that's just unfortunate.  Bullying should've died when my generation graduated high school.  Instead, its just gotten worse.  Worse than I ever could've imagined.  Take heart, everyone.  Weird is so so sexy.  It just takes a minute for everyone else to recognize that.

*I'm told that boy who withdrew eventually jumped back in to support her.  

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