Thursday, November 8, 2012

Red, White & Blue!

 I dressed Comedy Central's Indecision 2012 on Election Night.  It was a blast.  The prep for it was a little crazy but this is the type of work I live for.  My client had a specific request.  They wanted patriotic jeans from Urban Outfitters and matching Toms.  The problem was that these items were limited edition 4th of July items.  What's a stylist to do?  MAKE A BETTER, BADASSER VERSION OF COURSE.  I told them I had a vision in mind: Long Live Vintage.  

I started with a pair of white Toms. It helps to have a past in graffiti. 

  These were for my male model.  Unfortunately, I did not get to photograph him rocking these patriotic Toms along with the outfit I had for him.  He had some "problems" and was escorted out of the event.  Oops.  I got tons of compliments on the shoes though!  YAY!

 I bought 3 pairs of white jeans from Forever21 for $15 a pair.  You can't beat that.  Especially when I found beige ones at Urban Outfitters for $68 a pair.  They were size 6's and I altered them into size 2's.  It was a very very long night.        

 I went full on vintage/graffiti on these pants.  I didn't want it to look 90's--clean bold lines.  No.  I wanted messy and careless.  It defines the current generation.  Lots of splatters.
 Emily looks pretty amazing in them.  She liked them so much she asked if she could keep them.  Of course I said yes!  PS--her shirt says "Join the Party".  I cut the neck and made it hang off the shoulder and cut the sleeves to make it flowy.
Bianca and Wihlamena were our patriotic Vana Whites.  They were originally supposed to be in the other patriotic jeans but these dresses and wigs were such a hit that they stayed in those outfits.  
So many people came up to me and said everyone looked amazing and that I'd outdone myself and they didn't know I could do things like that.  I was truly humbled.  I was just doing my job!  You should've seen my hands.  They were still stained from all the paint.  It was a tad awkward when it came time to shake hands with VIPs...
This was one of my favorite gigs to date....even if I ended up a zombie afterwards.

BTW--I spent less than half my budget.  (pats self on back)  GRIN

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