Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I promise there are no spoilers.
I analyze the costumes and express a lot of color theory.

This year's Thanksgiving had the potential to be one of the worst.  Major holidays have always been tough for me so I try to keep busy with volunteer work, serving those who appreciate my time and company.  For some reason, there was a miscommunication with this year's organization (they were serving Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, not on actual Thanksgiving Day).  I was alone.  I'm totally fine with being alone on Thanksgiving, just as long as I've prepared myself for it.  Well, I wasn't prepared.  I had been ready to kick it with drug addicts and the homeless.  I wasn't ready to face this day alone.  The sad part stops here.
I remembered I had some groupons for movie tickets and decided to spend a day at the movies and pay as little as possible.  Success.  I paid $2.50 and was able to slither my way into 4 films on my "Must Watch" List.  Some people "emotionally eat".  Well I "emotionally watch movies".


I cried from beginning to end.  It was a little sad, but what really got my tears flowing were those incredible performances.  What an amazing cast!  I feel like Mr. Spielberg has finally redeemed himself because I haven't liked his newer stuff in a while.  The style of the film was completely different than what he's been giving us lately; I'm impressed.  The lighting in particular was just SO PERFECT--I mean WOW even if you're not into photography, its hard to not notice how incredible the lighting is throughout this film.  Daniel Day Lewis should just BE the Oscar and the Academy should award HIM to any actor considered DDL-worthy.  I cannot put into words the amount of respect and admiration I have for DDL for his performance.  No words.

The costumes were any period piece can be (Look for an entry about period pieces in the near future).  President Lincoln is weathered and tired.  We see it in his face, and we see it in his wardrobe.  He's usually seen in black and white, much like the rest of the cast, but only his clothes weren't of pure shade.  President Lincoln wore dark browns and greens, even his legendary hat wasn't actually black.  I love this because it really symbolizes how tired he is and he lives by everything not needing to be just "black and white".  Okay, so point made: black has a lot of significance in this film.  I feel like I need to re-watch this though because the color mustard was also very significant here.  It stuck out so much in a couple of pivotal moments, I feel like I should pay more attention to it.

I also loved John Hawkes and James Spader as the sort of comic relief, but I really really loved their costumes.
I look forward to seeing John Hawkes in The Sessions; he is a favorite of mine.  A true actor.  Let me save my words for him in a future blog.  LOVE HIM.
As a side note, I just want to say that Lincoln came out at just the right time.  Our country has gotten severely divided over this election, a lot of it being debates over things considered "prehistoric".  I feel like the script brought up incredible issues that we very well could have been faced with again today if it weren't for certain people stepping up for our rights.  Way to go, Lincoln. 


Ang Lee is a poet.  He's proven that time and time again in the films he's directed.  The overall rhythm in his films is always paced to help you get to know the character as well as the world created for him.  This world also becomes a character, which is something a lot of filmmakers forget to include.  Life of Pi is no exception.  Some might say Richard Parker was the antagonist here, but I disagree.  I feel like the environment Pi is stuck in is the antagonist.  Ang Lee proves my theory with his choice of camera angles and compositions.  Pi's wardrobe is simple but symbolizes a lot.  Our hero is seen mostly in white in the past and what's considered present.  He tries with all his might to be pure in his intentions and seeks only to love God.  He's never adorned in complicated accessories.  Once Pi begins to fade, so does his wardrobe.  When he is rescued, he is back in white. 
I really appreciate the international cast, particularly the actor who portrayed Pi in the majority of the story.  Suraj Sharma made me feel things that Tom Hanks and James Franco could not make me feel in their respected "solo survival stories".  I hope his career skyrockets from here.

I have always been on the fence about Daniel Craig as 007.  He doesn't match the physical characteristics of the traditional Bond and that has always bothered me.  He's short, he has no neck, he's blonde, and he's a meathead.  The Bond I know is tall, suave, and a little bit cleaner.  Nonetheless, I really really enjoyed this movie.  I'm a total sucker for vengeance flicks and Javier Bardem as Silva is serving just that.  He was so dedicated to this role that he even had the script translated into his native Spanish to ensure that he could fully get into this psychopathic character without leaving anything out.
Of course all of 007's suits were perfect (even without a proper neck), but I really liked Silva's final outfit.  It somewhat reminded me of Bane's costume from TDKR, slightly dictatorial and revolutionary, while still somewhat  matching the cliched villainous looks of previous Bond villains.  

Casting a younger Q raised some eyebrows but it totally makes sense with the modern gadgets used.  Q would definitely be some stringy tech geek in his late 20's/early 30's with preppy sweaters...makes sense to me!


 It was good....but just that. Good.  I wanted it to be so much better.  I had so much hope for Flight.  The plane scenes were crazy and had my heart racing but all in all, the film was nothing but a story of pure convenience.  I will praise Kelly Reilly for her incredible performance.  She stayed committed to her role and that's always admirable since so many actors fail to do so.

Denzel Washington for example, did not stay committed to his physical impediment work.  The injured leg kept switching sides, along with his cane.  Not cool.  The key costumer also failed to keep continuity on his watch, which also kept switching wrists.  I will say this though: John Goodman's character and outfit resembled a later version of Walter Sobchak.  #LEBOWSKIWIN

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