Friday, October 18, 2013


I decided to blog examples of why Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe are so important in this industry.  These are positions that are getting screwed more and more with the ever shrinking production budgets.  They end up being jobs for the director's girlfriend or wife or something of the like.  Sometimes, one person ends up doing all three.  That is happening to me lately, and while I am grateful for the work, I end up getting paid for only one of the three jobs that I do.  To the outsider, its like "Pff...its not that big of a deal.  Its just clothes, some light powder and getting rid of flyways...."  
Its so much more than that.  I've preached so many times before and I won't stop until vanities are given the respect they deserve.  
Here are some unexpected films that had excellent vanities departments.  I mention that they are unexpected because they're not period or fantasy pieces.

Short Term 12:
It takes a lot to make well known actors look normal, to make them blend in with a cast that isn't so well known.  Can you pick out who is who in the cast photo?  I couldn't either when I first watched the movie.  I only found out after I researched the movie that Brie Larson and John Gallagher were the leads.  Everyone looked extremely natural to the point that I could imagine what these people smelled like in that california heat.  I highly recommend this movie, not only for the looks but for the story and the performances as well.

Fruitvale Station:
Wow.  Just wow.  From the main characters to the very cops that bring the story to a brief halt, this film is full of veteran actors.  You never would've noticed it  because this movie felt like you were watching some goings ons in the Bay Area.  From the look, to the overall swagger, this film is a great example of vanities excelling in dressing characters to fit their environment.   Definitely catch this flick as well!  Its fantastic.

Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe did a great job making Morgan Freeman look like Nelson Mandela.  Unfortunately, Morgan Freeman did not do a good job portraying Nelson Mandela.  His cringeworthy performance is similar to Halle Barry as Storm.  I hate inconsistencies in speech or impediment work.  That just goes to show that vanities can only do so much...

A large responsibility vanities have is to make actors not look like actors, but to make them look real in the world they are living in on stage or screen.  It is up to the actor to exist in said world.

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