Monday, December 30, 2013

Some 2014 Hopes/Dreams/Goals

2013 has been an interesting year.  I'm a year older, but I feel like I've grown decades into my wisdom. Work has been fruitful, and I feel like I've gotten closer to God.  When I first moved here, I did so with the goal of becoming an Oscar and Tony winner.  I wanted awards.  The last couple of years have molded me into becoming a workaholic with realistic dreams.  Nowadays, I just like staying busy and helping artists execute their visions.  I don't think this is a downgrade, or me settling.  I think I've grown more passionate about my career(s), with the goal now being that I want to do it for me and my crew/team rather than me and my imaginary fame.  Less selfish, more selfless.  That being said, here's to the older, more mature me.
My Hopes/Dreams/Goals for the New Year:
-Listen To My Body More
"You can't argue with the body, Jerry.  Its an argument you can't win".  Kramer was oh so right.  I am not a machine, and its time I accepted that.  I need to rest more often.

-Filter out all the haters and the shitty people in my life

This is great because you just make my really good friends seem saintly. Like it takes a lot for me to just cut people off, so just know you're like way more fucked up than I ever expected. Remember, that is your problem, not mine, even though you try to make it seem otherwise. I also appreciate the amount of shit you talk about me. That just shows you have a rather unhealthy obsession with me....again, your problem, not mine. I know now to keep my heart guarded more than ever.  

Its emo for sure, but being a grownup presents grownup problems.  Unfortunately, grownups seem to know less and less about what it takes to be a good friend.  

-Lose 20 pounds
Its a healthy goal.  

-Get scuba license
I've put this off for too long.

-Quit putting off the Krav Maga
I've signed up so many times and have had to cancel.  I need to do this!!

-Wear More Black
I've decided to become one of those New Yorkers who dresses in all black.  Those who know me personally will find this a bit shocking since I'm known for my love of bright colors.  No, I'm not trying to be in the elitist clique…I'm just not "wowed' by fashion anymore.  I just don't see a point.  I'd rather just keep it simple and solid.  Just black.  We'll see how long this lasts.

-Do More Good
This needs to be the reason I wake up in the morning.  Not money, not glory, not work.  Simply do more good.  

I keep putting this off as well.  I just need to hurry up and get it over with.  

-Turn Down Work and Feel Okay About It

-Work More Outside of NY
I'm currently bi-coastal.  I was also blessed to work on 3 shows longterm that required extensive travel.  I need to get myself more acclimated with more production cities and just be ready to hit the ground running.  There is life outside of NY!

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