Monday, March 3, 2014

Blue is the Hottest Color

I watched the Oscars last night.  They seem to get longer and stupider every year, which makes me end up focusing on what people are wearing as opposed to who won for what talent (if you can call it that).  
It was absolutely REFRESHING to see so much navy on the red carpet!  Mindy Kaling once wrote how much she'd loathed navy and called it "the thin lipped spinster sister of black" and even got mad at a stylist for trying to dress her in such a 'hideous color'.  
I think one of the biggest misconceptions of navy blue is that you must purchase additional accessories and shoes to go with it, and black is an absolute "no" with blue.  I've never followed that rule, I always thought it was actually a nice mellow combination.  See below.
There's a nice range of size and silhouettes going on, and its paired with black.  Imagine that!

not a huge fan of Sandra Bullock but am definitely a huge fan of that Alexander McQueen dress!

The biggest hit for ME, was Lupita N'yongo in that beautiful dress from Prada.  Her silhouette was serving it up!!!!!  Cheekbones for days.  Eleganza extravaganza for days.  Profile for days!

My biggest disappointment was Charlize Theron.  I have had venus envy of her for YEARS but the top part of this dress was a little too high and I found it a bit unflattering.  I'm still in love with her though.  She can make a paper bag look good.  

I suppose I'm pleased with Catherine Martin winning for Costume Design and Production Design....oh wait did you know she's Baz Luhrman's wife?  Eyeroll....
Andruitha Lee and Robin Mathews won Best Hair & Makeup for Dallas Buyers Club.  I haven't seen this film yet but from what I did see, it looks like they earned it.  They, along with Jared Leto expressed how badly they wanted to make this film (it almost didn't get made at all), to share this story, as well as their passion to continuously raise AIDS awareness; yeah I need to watch and support.  

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